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The list of records that has surpassed Felix Baumgartner seems not yet finished after the first 24 hours of the historic launch vacuum of the Austrian.

Lacking that may confirm the International Aeronautical Federation, is expected to do it in the next weeks, Baumgartner has got three world records: the first man to break the sound barrier in free fall (reached 1342 km / h ), surpassed the longest distance in freefall (38,900 meters) so it is the highest pilot that has came on board a manned balloon (39,045 meters).

The Felix Baumgartner feat hasn't been there and is the parachutist also has broken audience records on TV and Internet.

In Spain and through of Teledeporte, 4.3 million people watched the jump (27.8% share). Baumgartner had an average audience of 1.8 million people (13.5 percent of the share) and an accumulated audience (people who watched at least one minute of the broadcast) of 5.6 million people.

The big record audience arrived through Internet. The live broadcast of the YouTube site got to reach an audience of more than 8 million people, which has become a paratrooper in the fall issue more simultaneous viewers of the history of the portal, as reported in the official blog Google video page. YouTube, which ran for more than two hours the feat, congratulated Baumgartner and the Red Bull team who coordinated the mission.

article of: rtve.es (adapted)

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